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Paint for the Planet with Global Canvas

Enter before Tuesday 13 February 2024.

Calling all young artists and nature enthusiasts! It's time to unleash your creativity and splash on the global stage. Get ready to dip your brushes into a world of color and imagination as we introduce you to the Global Canvas Children's Art Competition. This annual event is more than just an art contest; it's a platform for young minds to express their passion for our planet and inspire positive change through artwork. So, grab your paintbrushes, and let's dive into the beautiful world of Global Canvas!

Are you ready to witness young artists' incredible talent and imagination worldwide? The Global Canvas Children's Art Competition celebrates creativity, environmental awareness, and the power of art to inspire change. This prestigious competition invites children aged 16 and under to showcase their artistic skills while addressing pressing environmental issues each year.

What sets Global Canvas apart is its unique theme for each edition. For 2024, participants will be tasked with exploring the theme "The Barometer of Life."

The barometer helps us prepare for bad weather by measuring atmospheric pressure. Governments and wildlife charities use the 'Red List' to determine how many species are left and the pressures acting on them. Because of this, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has named the endangered species list the barometer of life.

The competition welcomes entries from individuals or groups within three age categories: 4-7, 8-11, and 12-16. So everyone has a chance to participate, whether your little one has just discovered their love for painting or your teen dreams in hues on canvas!

Entering the Global Canvas Children's Art Competition is easy! All you need is passion, imagination, and some art supplies. Create an artwork based on this year's theme, "The Barometer of Life," using any medium like Paint, pencils, colored pens, or collage - let your creative juices flow freely! Once complete, take a high-resolution photograph or scan it.

Then, submit your masterpiece through the official website and some information about yourself.

So why not harness your artistic prowess to impact our planet positively? Join other budding artists from across continents as we paint for the earth with Global Canvas.

Children have an innate ability to view problems through fresh perspectives; what better way than through their visual expressions to ignite conversations about building sustainable futures?

This competition provides them with much-needed recognition, a platform to share their vision, and a chance to inspire others towards environmental stewardship. Let

Whether you prefer watercolors, acrylics, or digital art, this competition welcomes all forms of visual expression. So grab your brushes, sketchbooks, or tablets, and let your imagination run wild! Show us how you would reimagine our natural world by breaking down barriers and embracing innovative ideas.

Include a brief description of your artwork and your submission so that judges can understand how it relates to the theme.

Remember that participating in this competition isn't just about showcasing your talent; it's also an opportunity to contribute towards positive change in our world. By creating art that highlights environmental issues and sparks conversations about sustainability, you can inspire others around you, too!

So start brainstorming ideas now because before you know it, it'll be time for Global Canvas Kids' Art Competition 2024 submissions! Let's unite through art and make a difference for our planet.

The Global Canvas children's art competition is open to young artists worldwide, giving them a platform to showcase their creativity and contribute to positive change. Whether you're a budding Picasso or love expressing yourself through art, this competition welcomes children of all skill levels and backgrounds.

There are no age restrictions for entering the Global Canvas competition, making it accessible to kids of different ages and abilities. Everyone can participate, from preschoolers with crayons to teenagers experimenting with various mediums. It's an inclusive event that celebrates diversity and encourages artistic exploration.

The competition is not limited by nationality or location either. Artists from any country can submit their work online, breaking down geographical barriers and spreading a global sense of community through art. It's a chance for young talents worldwide to connect while positively impacting our planet.

how to enter the Global Canvas children's art competition

Entering the Global Canvas competition is easy and exciting. First, visit their website to learn more about this year's theme. Each year, they choose a different topic related to conservation and sustainability that inspires young artists to create thought-provoking artwork. The theme for 2024 will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Once you have your idea and inspiration, it's time to get creative! Grab your paints, pencils, or any other medium of your choice, and start bringing your vision to life on paper or canvas. Remember to let your imagination soar as you express yourself through art.

When your masterpiece is complete, take a high-resolution photograph or scan it to submit it digitally. Make sure that all details are clear and visible in the image.

Head back to the Global Canvas website and follow their instructions on submitting your artwork online. Remember to include information about yourself and what inspired you when creating your piece.

Remember, this competition isn't just about winning prizes; it's an opportunity for young artists like you to make a difference by using their creativity as a powerful tool for change. So don't hesitate – grab those brushes and join Paint for the Planet with Global Canvas today!

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