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My First Canvas is a place to learn about art, exhibit art, and share. 

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Explore Art History

Learn about art from the beginning   Click the image above to be taken to the art history page. Discover at your own pace at home.  

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Explore Contemporary Art

Click the image above for the contemporary art for Kids page. Here you will find information on contemporary artists, and this section is currently in progress. 

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Children's art gallery

My First Canvas, Children's art gallery. Creative platform for kid's. My First Canvas is a place to learn about art, exhibit art, and share. Enter the creative platform for kids and view some of the work in the children's art gallery, where artwork is exhibited and shared. The virtual shows are interactive and display children's art from around the globe. Enter through the gallery window and take a virtual tour. 

Please message on Instagram to exhibit and share work on our page.  

Recent Posts: a resource for artists and art lovers to keep up to date on the news from the art world and opportunities where you can share and exhibit your work. . Please go to the blog page for a complete list of posts. 

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My First Canvas 2023 is a website dedicated to children's art, suitable for kids of all ages. This is a resource to help guide kids through the magnificent world of art history, contemporary art, and art exhibits.

Art is beneficial for kids as it problem-solving  ability, fine motor skills, and neural development. Engaging in art allows kids deal with with emotions and to process their world. Art is fun for kids and they get lost in the enjoyment of the process. Engaging in hands on activities helps children learn and develop.   

We are passionate about finding fun new ways to support young artists. We hope to bring you the best art opportunities for children and to get kids super excited about art and art history.  Learn about art history and contemporary art. Learn about creating and appreciating art while enjoying the works of young artists worldwide.

My First Canvas is not exclusively for kid's, there are areas of the site that are suited to artists of all ages and all abilities. 

To contact us, please email or comment on Instagram. 

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