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  • Gavin O'Donoghue

'Happy Habitart' art contest invites children to create the coral reef of their dreams

'Be The Future' invites children to create the coral reef of their dreams!

This is a playful way for children to explore nature.

And have the chance to see their artwork by iconic children's book illustrators. Artists can win eco-friendly prizes, and for every artwork entered, 'Be the Future' will help remove rubbish from the ocean.

Entries close 12 May 2023.

Kids can create artwork by hand, using any medium (paint, pencil, crayon, , nature items, recycled materials, found objects, and craft items.

The Happy Habitart Competition is now open to children living in Australia or the United Kingdom aged 4 - 8 years. Also, children living anywhere else can still enter online and are eligible for the People's Choice Awards.

The Happy Habitart Art Competition, and People's Choice Awards are open to entries from all children aged 4 - 8 years from anywhere in the world!

You can vote for your favorite artwork on Instagram or via this website.

Voting will open on 17 May and close on 31 May.

'Be The Future' logo and link to site

Click on icon below for full rules and entry.

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