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tea cups painting

Tea Cup Scandal: Róisín O'Farrell solo exhibition at The Doorway Gallery

Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to artist Róisín O’Farrell in the lead up to her solo show ‘ Tea Cup Scandal’ which opens in The Doorway Gallery tomorrow evening.

It was refreshing to talk to a successful artist with a relaxed friendly, unpretentious view of art.


Róisín grew up surrounded by art and has  immersed herself with art from a young age due to being the daughter of an artist. Her work life before professional art was in a business capacity. For the last five years Roisin has followed her passion to become a full time artist and instills her business work ethic in to her art practice. She puts in the hours and dedication.


'I paint almost every day, whether I feel like it or not, whether I am inspired or not. I trust that I have something to say but I work hard at improving my ability to say it.'


Although Róisín takes her practice very seriously she does not entertain the pretentious side of art. Her art like herself is approachable, friendly and relaxed. She likes when someone who is not an art buff comes up and buys a piece just because they love it and want to hang it on their wall.That brings more joy.

Roisin O'Farrell artist
Roisin artist painting.

Materials Róisín uses are oils, lots and lots of oils. She also likes to use the palette knife a lot to pile on bold and colourful layers.


how I paint is as important to me as what I paint. Certainly light, colour and texture are critical elements.


The themes Róisín are drawn to are mostly interiors. Her own home is a major theme and people can relate to this as the homely scenes could symbolise  anyones home. When she started painting she would paint anything to gain technique and paint skills. Since becoming professional there has been a lot of still life but not the kind of still life that imagine. Roisins still life consists of so much character that the subject seems alive and you have a sense of being in the painting. Interiors include vintage chairs against colourful walls, and interior room scenes that really make you feel at home.

A really popular series is the wellington boots. These are very popular in rural areas especially as they are a fun alternative to the traditional family portrait. The wellies in the painting symbolizes the members of the family in a fun non intrusive manner.

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