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Ocean Awareness Contest, enter by June 13th

Through art and creative communication, the 12th annual Ocean Awareness Contest provides young people with a platform to explore their relationship to a changing world and advocate for positive change while learning about environmental issues. This Contest is open to students aged 11-18 from all over the world.

Climate Heroes in Action is the theme for 2023


Students will learn about climate change and solutions to the climate crisis through the Ocean Awareness Contest in 2023, Climate Heroes in Action. Despite human-induced climate change, countless everyday heroes work to help make the planet a more habitable place . They lead with determination, resolve, and joy to make it a better place.

Getting past the bad news

The climate change affects our oceans, including extreme weather events, coral bleaching, and rising sea levels. The health of our oceans is closely related to the health of our human beings, whether we live on the coast or miles inland, since they regulate our climate and act to protect us from global warming.

There is a tendency for media to focus on the negative, whether it is a newspaper, broadcast, or TikTok. Changing climate is the most severe threat to our blue planet today, and it is easy to doomscroll through this bad news and miss the good news. There are reasons for optimism. Although we live in a world with frightening problems, there are also real climate solutions.

"The climate problem is getting worse, but solutions are improving."

-Gregory Nemet, Lead Author of the IPCC's Sixth Assessment Report

Scientists, artists, educators, and activists are creating radical and innovative solutions in response to these environmental threats. Their work is impactful and far-reaching but is rarely reported in the mainstream press. The better we understand what people are already doing to get us there, the easier it will be to see a positive path forward. By recognizing and celebrating their work, we can imagine a better world and inspire ourselves to act.

Heroes don't all wear capes.

A climate hero can take many forms. They are all fighting to reverse the effects of climate change by developing new technologies, advocating for environmental justice, or raising awareness through art. Globally, a strong community of people is working to solve climate problems and create a more sustainable and livable world.

It is our goal for you to uplift a trailblazer in any field who is fighting climate change in the 2023 Contest — science, activism, justice, art, education, technology, and more — based on what interests you. Share the story of an everyday climate hero in the movement. Look for initiatives in your community and beyond – who is spearheading them? How can we help them?

Prompt for Climate Heroes in Action

Write an art, writing, or video highlighting the efforts, organizations, and/or positive impacts of a scientist, activist, artist, educator, or other hero working to combat climate change. You will be familiar with the outstanding work of environmental giants like Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough. We challenge you to introduce the Bow Seat community to a Climate Hero whose work we may not be aware of.

Who is a climate hero? Someone who is making a big difference on our blue planet. There are numerous ways to be a climate hero: scientists, artists, activists, community organizers, etc. They all believe we can reverse the climate crisis if we all contribute our skills and commitment.

Follow the link for tips to help you choose your climate hero if you don't already know who you will feature.

Discover Climate Heroes and get inspired in our Resource Studio!

Entry is open to anyone.

Enter the Ocean Awareness Contest based on your age at the time of entry. Students ages 11-18 are invited to participate.

Ages 11-14 in the Junior Division

Ages 15-18 in the senior division

Regardless of the size of the club, class, or group, students can participate. The Contest requires all students to provide contact information for an Adult Sponsor (parent, teacher mentor, etc.). Students who have already begun college or university are not eligible.

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