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From Cave paintings to magnificent masterpieces: Navigating the My First Canvas' art history for kid's and contemporary art pages.

Updated: May 16

Welcome art enthusiasts, young and old, to the captivating world of My First Canvas! As we embark on a journey from ancient cave paintings to modern masterpieces, get ready to explore the vibrant art history for kids and dive into the exciting realm of contemporary art. Let's unlock creativity, spark imagination, and unleash our inner artists together!

A screen shot from the art history page with image of Van Gogh swirling sky and text about art history.

To navigate to the Art History section, simply click on the Van Gogh Starry Night image on the home page or alternatively click on the highlighted text 'Art History for Kids' in the resources menu at the bottom

screen shot of My First Canvas homepage navigation menu

how to navigate the My First Canvas website

Are you ready to explore the My First Canvas website and discover a world of art wonders? Let's start our adventure by visiting the homepage, where colorful images and inviting links await. Click on the Art History for Kids tab to travel back and learn about famous artists, iconic paintings, and fascinating historical art movements.

For a more contemporary experience, head over to the Contemporary Art for Kids section. Here, you'll find innovative artworks from today's talented creators that inspire your artistic journey. Remember to check out the interactive features like quizzes, games, and fun activities designed to enhance your learning while having a blast!

Whether you're a budding artist or simply curious about the art world, My First Canvas has something special for everyone. So grab your virtual paintbrushes and dive into this creative treasure trove together!


Navigate the art history for kids page.

Welcome to the exciting world of art history for kids on My First Canvas! Navigating through this page is like embarking on a colorful journey through time.

Discover ancient cave paintings that tell stories from long ago, marvel at the magnificent masterpieces of renowned artists, and learn about different art movements that shaped how we see art today.

Each section is carefully curated to engage young minds and spark their creativity. From the Impressionist movement's vibrant colors to Cubism's bold shapes, there's something for every budding artist to explore.

Interactive quizzes and fun facts make learning about art history a delightful experience for children of all ages. So grab your virtual paintbrush and dive into a world where imagination knows no bounds!

screen shot of the links and images on the art history page. features images and text of art history movements

On the art history page, you can click the circular image or the text underneath to be taken to the art movement page.

Navigating the Contemporary Art for Kids page.

Let's dive into this vibrant page filled with innovative artworks that spark creativity and imagination in young minds.

Scroll through a diverse collection of contemporary pieces ranging from colorful abstract paintings to quirky sculptures. Each artwork is carefully curated to engage children and inspire them to explore different artistic styles and techniques.

Discover fun facts about renowned contemporary artists. These features make learning about modern art an enjoyable experience for kids. The page is designed to be user-friendly, allowing children to easily navigate through the captivating world of contemporary art.

Engage in creative activities such as DIY projects inspired by contemporary artworks or participate in online workshops tailored for aspiring young artists. The Contemporary Art for Kids page on My First Canvas aims to foster a love for art while nurturing children's artistic talents in a playful and interactive way. The Contemporary Art for Kids pages will be regularly updated to include new artists and artworks. 

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