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  • Gavin O'Donoghue

Disney, Wonder of Friendship Experience

To mark 100 years of dynamic duos, unlikely pals, and inseparable friends, Disney is opening the doors to a stunning multi-sensory pop-up experience.

Enter a world of beautiful and enchanting installations with your friends. Venture through immersive spaces celebrating iconic Disney characters, stories, and friendships. Take on adventures in the Alice in Wonderland Garden of Mystery. Find your balance on the shores of the Lilo & Stitch Ohana Bay. Say hello to a life with no worries in The Lion King Orchestral Oasis. Come light up the world together in the Mickey and Friends Wonderverse.

The CentQuatre invites young and old to fall back into childhood for a deliciously regressive interactive experience celebrating the 100th anniversary of the famous company. In a century of adventure, the legendary studio has known its share of iconic duos, unlikely friendships, and inseparable friends, which we rediscover today with pleasure throughout a spectacular immersive journey. From a fascinating ice palace to a reproduction of a tropical jungle, this ultra-ephemeral 1000 m2 experience immerses us in the colorful universe of our favorite characters. Immerse yourself with your friends in the illuminated world of the Wonderverse and find the whole Mickey gang, from Goofy to Donald, via Pluto and Minnie. Cross the misty maze of Alice in Wonderland, and work on your balance on Lilo and Stitch's surfboards before reaching the Lion King oasis, guided by the melody of Hakuna Matata and its musical swings.

Intended primarily for older children, the sensory experience multiplies the visual, olfactory, and sound effects so that the Disney dream finally becomes a reality.

5 rue Curial - 75019 Paris

runs until July 9th 2023

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