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Children's art competitions to enter summer 2024

Updated: May 16

Wild at Art, threatened species art competition for kids. image of possum

Are you ready to encourage your child's artistic talent and creativity this summer? Look no further! We have rounded up the top children's art competitions for summer 2024 that will inspire young artists to express themselves while raising awareness about critical environmental issues. From ocean conservation to endangered species, these competitions offer a platform for kids to make a difference through their Art. Let's explore these exciting opportunities awaiting your budding Picasso or Van Gogh!

children's art competitions to enter Summer 2024

Looking for a way to keep your kids creatively engaged this summer? Children's art competitions are the perfect avenue for young artists to showcase their talents and passion. With various themes and categories, these competitions cater to every child's unique interests and artistic style, ensuring that each child is included and feels valued.

Participating in art contests is a chance for them to explore their creativity, learn about critical global issues, and make positive impacts through their artwork. It's a fun and educational way to nurture their artistic talents and raise awareness about issues that matter.

Whether your child is into painting, drawing, or mixed media, competition is waiting for them to shine. Why not encourage your little artist to step out of their comfort zone and take on the challenge of creating meaningful Art that can inspire change?

Enable your child's imagination and let their artistic vision soar by entering these exciting children's art competitions in the summer of 2024!

Artwork from finalist of the 2023 Bow street kids art competition, it features a girl spraking at a protest with climate posters in the background.

Hajin Lee

Seoul, Republic of Korea.2023, Junior, Art Winner Bow Street Ocean Awareness Art Competition.

The Bow Street Annual Ocean Awareness Competition,

Excitement is brewing in the art world for young artists eager to make a splash at the Bow Street Annual Ocean Awareness Competition. This prestigious event invites children to express their love and concern for our oceans through creative artwork. The possibilities are as vast as the ocean, from colorful seascapes to majestic marine creatures.

Participants are encouraged to delve into their imagination and explore themes such as ocean conservation, biodiversity, and environmental protection. The competition fosters artistic talent and raises awareness about crucial issues affecting our planet's underwater ecosystems.

The 2024 Ocean Awareness Contest's theme is 'Tell Your Climate Story.' This encourages you to become a witness and share your unique climate story. They ask you to creatively express your insights, experiences, or perceptions about our changing climate. Use this opportunity to learn more about the climate crisis and how it impacts you, your family and community and to examine your responses to our evolving world. The Contest deadline is June 10, 2024.'

With a platform that celebrates youthful creativity and advocacy, the Bow Street Annual Ocean Awareness Competition promises an enriching experience for budding artists looking to make a meaningful impact through their Art. Let your imagination run wild and dive into this incredible opportunity!

Wild at Art Threatened Species art competition.

painting of 2 koalas, artwork by Arisha who is 10 years old.

Artwork: Koalas by Arisha, age 10,

The Wild at Art competition is the perfect platform to showcase your talent while raising awareness about endangered species. Let your creativity run wild as you create Art that speaks volumes about the importance of protecting threatened animals in Australia.

Whether you prefer painting, drawing, or mixed media, the competition welcomes all forms of artistic expression. Use your imagination to bring attention to these vulnerable creatures and inspire others to take action. Many fascinating species await being brought to life through your artwork.

Participating in Wild at Art is not just about winning prizes—it's about making a difference. Your creations can spark conversations, educate others, and drive positive change for our planet's biodiversity. So, pick up your brushes, pencils, or digital tools and join this meaningful competition today! The Wild at Art Competition 2024 is open to Australian residents aged between 5 and 12. 

Never Such Innocence Art Competition

Poster for 'Never Such Innocence' art competition, features a face asking 'how does war effect peoples lives?'

The Never Such Innocence Art Competition invites children to explore conflict, remembrance, and reconciliation themes through their artwork.

Whether inspired by stories of bravery from the past or envisioning a future filled with peace and unity, this competition encourages you to express your unique perspective on these important topics. Your artwork has the power to raise emotions, spark conversation, and make a lasting impact on those who view it. The aim is to give children and young people a voice on conflict. 

By participating in the Never Such Innocence Art Competition, you have the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful dialogue about our shared history. So, let your imagination run wild as you create pieces that capture the essence of resilience, hope, and humanity.

Junior Sketch For Survival competition

Image from last years sketch for survival competition, it features pink flamingos on a green lake, very colourful impressionistic style.

Don't miss the chance to ignite your child's passion for art and wildlife conservation. The Junior Sketch For Survival competition is a global platform for young artists to showcase their skills and contribute to the conversation about our planet's precious ecosystems. It's an opportunity for your child to make a difference, and the deadline is approaching fast on [June 30]. 

So why wait? Encourage your little artist to get creative, express themselves, and make a difference through Art this summer! Take advantage of these fantastic opportunities to participate in children's art competitions like The Bow Street Annual Ocean Awareness Contest, Wild At Art: Threatened Species Art Competition, Never Such Innocence Art Competition, and Junior Sketch For Survival competition. Let their imagination soar as they create meaningful artwork that could impact the world around them.

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