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"Cabinet of Curiosities," Julio Anaya explores art history and brings his findings to Nazzuka

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The Nanzuka Underground is pleased to present Wunderkammer, a solo exhibition of new works by Spanish artist Julio Anaya Cabanding.

A significant part of his creative process involves collecting waste cardboard, plasterboard, and wooden boards, then painting widely recognized works of art, including those featured in textbooks, upon these discarded materials and dilapidated city walls. At the same time, this is a counteraction to a system that seeks to worship art, and at the same time, it may be seen as the ultimate form of painting within our ecosystem.

Cabanding takes an artwork from art history out of its museum confinements and into the public square. While there are similarities in their ambitions, Cabanding's works move past the idea of appropriation into a new form of 21st-century art, which questions our current preoccupation with museum institutions, prompting a rethinking of what it means for art to be valuable and durable.

The exhibition Wunderkammer translates to "Cabinet of Curiosities" and refers to cabinets of the late Renaissance and Baroque periods used for displaying remarkable items from various sources. Cabanding has created their own works in honor, resembling fossils, mummies, the artwork of Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Hokusai Katsushika, Warhol, Basquiat, and other diverse pieces like sneakers and Astro Boy toys, all exhibiting inside a cabinet. Furthermore, on the first-floor gallery space, a painting of Picasso's Guernica will be shown an approximate size of its original version.

2nd Sep (Sat.) - 1st Oct (Sun.),2023


Wed - Sun 11:00-19:00


Aphrodite, Sculpture made from cardboard, Julio Anaya Cabanding

Recreation of Van Gogh artwork by Julio Anaya Carbanding

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