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'Julian was born in New Zealand, but he is actually Slovak and currently living and creating in the UK. Julian was only 8 months old when he picked up markers and started to draw lines and circles. By the age of 2 he was already painting nebulae and drawing unique patterns. He loves working with acrylics, alcohol inks, glitter, beads and buttons, but just picking a pen or pencil to draw or colour makes him just as happy and content. Mandalas, fairies, the universe, alien cities, the human body and underwater worlds are just few of the topics/themes he is interested in and depicts in his creative work.  As Julian’s parents we hope that his work will make you as happy as it makes us. Enjoy' from Julian's parents

painting of poppy flowers
Childs drawing of buildings
child's drawing of a city
abstract painting

Underwater World 2018

Universe 2018
Alien City 2018
Alian City 2018
Nebula 2018 A3 Alcohol ink on glass
Human genome 2018
Coral reef 2018
Nebula 2018
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