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Research has shown that providing hospitals with a specific type of artwork can speed up the healing process. Bright uplifting pieces with friendly faces and familiar objects help to sooth while abstract pieces may have the opposite effect as the patient can project their own anxietys on to the piece. 


''If you are under stress and anxiety, if you see an image that is ambiguous, you interpret it negatively."

Upali Nanda, Director of research, American Art Resource.


I used the principles of theraputic design to create this new collection for Tallaght Hospital. The colection consists of a few pieces I had donated 3 years ago and 6 new pieces created summer 2014. There is a variety of new canvas's and recycled canvas's and charity shop frames re painted. The pieces are layerd oils on canvas.




 “Little as we know about the way in which we are affected by form, by color and light, we do know this, they have an actual physical effect. Variety of form and brilliancy of color in the objects presented to patients are actual means of recovery''


Florence Nightengale



'Your art will bring joy and cheer to patients, visitors and staff for years to come'


Hilary, on behalf of AMNCH

art in hospitals, painting of toucan birds
baby whale oil painting
Art in hospitals , Tallaght Hospital Dublin
My Little Pony pop art painting

creative kids

art for kids

art in hospitals

pop art painting of Pacman ghosts
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