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Aiden Gamez, mixed media artist, 9, USA

Aiden is a young artist with a great eye for design. Aiden's muse is the universe and art is his his main way to communicate. Aiden has won awards for his artwork and has exhibited in his home town of San Antonio, Texas.

Aiden has autism and is representing children with special abilities. Aiden reaches beyond obstacles to give life a bit of colour

abstract children's drawing
abstract colorful kids artwork
self portrait from Aiden child artist
At Market artist Aiden Gamez, age 9 textured wallpaper, recycled cardstock
cherry lips drawing
Collage on card
Sweet Shop
little sculpture of Picasso the artist
hand art cut out
hand art cutout view 2
Love Bird
cute drawing of a shark pirate cartoon character
colorful abstract painting with splashes
red paint abstract painting
Aiden Gamez Comic
abstract painting with a Jean Claude Basquiat style
digital art portrait, cartoon like
Aiden Sefl Portrait
Instagram logo linking to Aiden's page

to follow Aiden click on instagram logo

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