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Inspire Creativity and Showcase Talent: Discover My First Canvas,
the Children's Art Gallery

Unleash your child's creativity and discover a world of art with My First Canvas. From learning

to exhibiting, join our platform, and be inspired by young artists around the globe

Unleash Your Child's Inner Artist: My First Canvas, The Premiere Children's Art Gallery

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We pick the best art competitions and opportunities for kids and young people. 
This listing section explores opportunities for children and youth. Get in touch if you know of more art competitions or opportunities for kids and young people. We hope this list leads you to some exciting possibilities. Please follow the links in the listings to get the full details from the competition holders. Also, let us know what you enter, and we can post your work on our Instagram.  

Van Gogh Starry Night painting

Explore Art History

Learn about art from the beginning on the art history pages. Learn how to distinguish modern art from contemporary art. Discover at your own pace at home. Are you ready to dive into the colorful and captivating world of contemporary art for kids? Imagine a world where anything is possible, creativity knows no bounds, and imagination runs wild

Explore Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is all about self-expression, experimentation, and pushing boundaries. From vibrant paintings to quirky sculptures, every piece of contemporary art tells a unique story that sparks curiosity and inspires wonder. So grab your paintbrushes, sculpting clay, or digital tools - it's time to unleash your inner artist and explore the endless possibilities of contemporary art!

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Welcome to My First Canvas, the premier children's art gallery and creative platform for young artists. Our mission is to foster a love and appreciation for art in children by providing a space where they can learn, exhibit, and share their creations. My First Canvas was born from the belief that every child has a unique, creative voice that deserves to be heard. We offer a curated selection of original artwork created by talented young artists worldwide. Our platform showcases children's artwork and provides resources and tools for them to develop their artistic skills. With interactive online courses and workshops, we aim to inspire and nurture the next generation of creatives. Join our community of art collectors, young artists, and creatives who believe in the power of art to shape minds and ignite imagination. Explore the colorful world of My First Canvas today!

We are passionate about finding fun new ways to support young artists. We hope to bring you the best art opportunities for children and to get kids super excited about art and art history. Learn about art history and contemporary art. Learn about creating and appreciating art while enjoying the works of young artists worldwide.

My First Canvas is not exclusively for kids; there are areas of the site that are suited to artists of all ages and abilities. 

My First Canvas

Unlock your child's creativity and explore the world of art with MyFirstCanvas. Discover famous artworks, learn about art history, and showcase your child's masterpieces at our online exhibitions.


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